In order to grow and develop, humanity needs to have a solid basis, a foundation.

Antiquity is the foundation of the modern Western world and where modern culture, religion, philosophy and way of life come from.

This project is dedicated to every individual who uses the achievements of antiquity as a basis for his or her own growth.

We don't make the world for machines, we teach machines to understand our world better.

Neural networks highlight the shapes they've been trained on, ignoring the rest of the image. The first thing we've trained machines to do is recognize ourselves. People and familiar objects, in the eyes of machines must look familiar in order to be defined. Otherwise, a third meaning is created - a combination of human and computer vision.

Who am I? 

Nick Gladkiy (aka Mykola Hladkyi)
b.1988 (Dnipro, Ukraine)
Currently based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Studied International Economic Relationship.

Started photography as a hobby at around 2011.

Film photography enthusiast.


- 2020-2021 MYPH 5 - Art Photography Course


- 2021 “Shift and variation” by KUCA and ACT, Kyiv, Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine
by Cargo Collective