CV - Nick Gladkiy 

Nick Gladkiy (aka Mykola Hladkyi)
b.1988 (Dnipro, Ukraine)
Currently based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Studied International Economic Relationship.

I strive to create thought-provoking pieces that challenge viewers to consider the ways in which technology is shaping our world. By blending traditional photographic techniques with cutting-edge technologies, like AI, my projects invite the viewer to question their relationship with technology and the role it plays in our lives.


- 2020-2021 MYPH 5 - Art Photography Course
- 2021-2021 Roman Pyatkovka’s Photography Course


- 2021 “Shift and variation” by KUCA and ACT. Kyiv, Ukraine
- 2023 “Essence” by omatagallery, director’s choice
- 2023 “Memory” at “Mykolaiv ART Week”. Mykolaiv, Ukraine
- 2023 “FLASH 9” by Decagon Gallery
- 2023  “2023 Photo Annual” by Gwinnett County Public Library. Atlanta, US
- 2023 “Materiality Unleashed” by Li Tang Gallery
- 2023 “Ukraine” by Decagon Gallery
- 2024 “The depths of the psyche”. Lutsk, Ukraine
- 2024 Ukrainian Photographers, Palermo, Italy
- 2024 “Post archiving”. Vinnytsia, Ukraine


- 2023 “RPS IPE 165”, UK, shortlisted
- 2023 NIDA OFF at NIDA 2023, Lithuania, shortlisted (additional list)
- 2023 MINIMALIST PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2023, PHOTOMANIPULATION category (honorable mention)


- MYPH. Mykolayiv Young Photography, 2022. ISBN 978-617-7482-50-4